Who set really great goals on January 1 and they’ve already gone out the window? 🙋‍♀️ This is about the time we start using negative self-talk about how we failed, fell off the wagon, etc. I always feel bad when I hear people criticizing themselves for dropping their goals by February. People go into the new year with goals, words of intention, etc. but life happens. I’ve realized as a chronic goal setter the magic isn’t in the goal. The magic is in your plan of execution and finding your support team for your goals.

I was recently talking with a client during a session who has been highly motivated. We set a goal at the beginning of her training with me and have been working towards it ever since. We train together once per week virtually and she trains on her own 1-2 more days a week. I asked her what keeps her motivated to do the sessions on her own and here is what she had to say: “Motivation is a feeling that comes after action so I tell myself just start with one exercise. Then by the time I’m dressed and doing one exercise, I feel like I can keep going and before you know it I did a whole workout and I feel better. I never feel like starting but once I do it feels so good.” I’ve sat with this all week and just loved it. Not many wake up and bounce out of bed super motivated to start the task they are doing, it’s the feelings we get AFTER the task that keeps us wanting to come back for more. Feelings and emotions come after action so we have to start to see how feel!

Where does motivation come from?

I often hear people say they just can find the time, motivation, etc. to get started so they never start. I’m a huge promoter of listening to your body and doing what feels right for you but sometimes your mind plays tricks on you and says “no exercise today, I think sitting on the couch would be better” but then later comes and you feel like you should’ve done something. THIS is where the difference is. You have a choice between starting and staying in your comfort zone. If you can just convince yourself to start with – one exercise, walking one minute, try one new dance class and then see you how you feel. Check in with yourself after you start. Do you like what you’re doing? Does it feel good for your body? Do you want to keep going? If no, try something new the next time! If yes, then keep going! Pay attention to how your body is feeling! Does your mood improve? Do you have more energy? Are your aches and pains going away? When you start answering yes to these questions then starting the next time will be easier! The more you feel good after an activity the more you will want to feel that again and the choice to start doesn’t even feel like a hard choice anymore.

Finding an expert

Now let’s get back to the goals and accountability part. Even the most disciplined people need help sometimes. The more experience I gain going through life, the more I realize consulting with an expert about a specific task is worth the time, money, resources, etc. If your sink is broken you call a plumber, if your car is broken you go to a mechanic. Could you spend time researching the problem, looking at it yourself and maybe giving it the ‘ole college try to fix it? Yes, you could. Or you could just hire someone and they would have it done in an hour no problem. So if this approach works for these examples, why wouldn’t you hire an expert in an area you are setting a goal. If you want to begin exercising but have never tried you could start on YouTube. There is a ton of really great content out there, BUT there is also a ton of not so great content. Then when that doesn’t work, you don’t get personal support and when no one is checking in with YOU, you quit. Why not find accountability with someone one supports you and your personal goals! Investing in an expert up front is just that, an investment but usually saves you and is more efficient in the long run!

Where to start

I’ve written this blog about exercise but you can apply this concept to any goal you set! Develop your goal, find an expert to help you achieve your goal and come up with a personal plan for you to achieve it! If you want help with your next exercise goal, contact Titanium Performance to set up your free introductory session! We also have resources for you in many other areas because like I said, we believe in using other experts!!

Written By: Morgan (Maule) Maley