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Morgan Maule

Strength Specialist
Certifications – NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS)

I joined Titanium Performance in March 2017 in pursuit of a career in personal training. My passion is helping people achieve their health and wellness goals through evidence-based resistance training and nutrition so they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I believe exercise and nutrition should just be a part of that healthy lifestyle and I love helping clients find balance in their life! I have a degree in Exercise Sport Science with a minor in nutrition from UW-La Crosse. My training experience includes people of all ages and abilities including youth and adult athletes, people new to exercise or plateauing in their current regimen as well as people suffering from injuries/chronic pain and health conditions. It doesn’t matter when you start strength training, it’s just important that you do!

My Story

Growing up I was a three sport athlete and was one of the few kids in high school to take our high school weight training program seriously. At that time, I was performing traditional explosive and compound barbell movements. They were effective enough to see average results but I didn’t love the program. When I went to college I continued strength training, but I changed up my routine every few months to try different training programs. I realized some programs were safer and more effective than others. Through my own experience and some volunteer work at a Physical Therapy clinic I decided that I was going to become a personal trainer and help people prevent injuries while strength training as well as age-related injuries. That’s when I found Tyler at Titanium Performance.

From our first conversation, Tyler and I had similar philosophies on strength training and business and we hit it off! After I experienced my first workout with him, I was sold. I have learned so much from him since I started training at Titanium Performance in March of 2017. The evidence-based training style changed my life and I knew other people could benefit as well! It is a safe and efficient approach regardless of your age, training status, and health. Now I have joined him and his goal to help as many people as we can to prevent or rehabilitate injuries in order to live a pain free, healthy lifestyle.

I still enjoy working with athletes because I’ll always be a competitive athlete at heart but also aspire to help clients who are struggling with injuries, weight loss, health conditions or just want to get stronger and feel better! No one should go through life with chronic pain or have to give up activities they enjoy just because they are ‘getting older’ and ‘that’s a part of life.’

I love educating people and listening to their stories as well as continuing my own education. If you would like to see how I can help you or just want to learn more about evidence-based resistance training, contact me or one of the Titanium Performance Trainers!


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