Small Group Training

We understand you are a busy person, and we value your time. Our Small Group programming consists of a full body strength training routine focused on improving all facets of fitness, performed in one or two 45 minute sessions per week. Our small groups never exceed a 3:1 client to trainer ratio to ensure you receive an individualized and effective training experience while enjoying the upbeat group training experience. You can bring family or friends or join one of our existing groups!


  • Be a part of a community with support and guidance from others on their fitness journey.
  • Up to date researched training programs to make the most of your time and effort.
  • Guided training from our friendly and experienced personal trainers.

Why Choose Us

  • All of our trainers hold a degree in an exercise related field as well as a wide range of certifications.
  • Our trainers are proficient in working with all types of injuries as well as chronic pain to make training modifications as needed.
  • At Titanium Performance, we review old and new research and information to provide the highest quality workout possible for each client.

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1 on 1 personal training in Minneapolis
  • Perfect for all fitness levels
  • Individual attention yields great results and allows for any modifications needed due to injury or other medical conditions
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Virtual strength training in Minneapolis

Our training staff is very proficient in coaching techniques which will help you push your results further during this time of social distancing. You do not need any equipment to participate.

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Titanium Performance Strength Training Programs in Minneapolis

Every new client receives a Free Introductory Session. In this session we will cover your current exercise, health history as well as perform a High Intensity Strength Training routine.

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