I can’t believe we are already talking about the holiday season but 2021 is winding down! We just finished Halloween and now heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas! We tend to find ourselves out of our routine and may even feel guilty about missing workouts or eating foods we don’t normally eat. When we feel guilty we don’t fully enjoy ourselves, but overindulgence can make us not feel so good either. How do we find the balance? What is the right amount of exercise? What about nutrition? Here are my tips!

1. Listen to your body!

It can be really hard to give up your weekly workout if you have been faithfully training 1-2 days per week all year but if traveling, family and ALL the holiday parties become too much, take a rest day or even a rest week. Our bodies benefit from taking 1-2 weeks off from exercise completely 1-2 times per year if you train regularly. Giving yourself permission to rest is just as important as important as moving your body. Most of the time you will come back more motivated and ready to work hard at your first training session after an extended break!

2. Fuel your body!

Food = Fuel. Do not punish yourself for munching on your kids Halloween candy, filling up on grandma’s stuffing or sampling every cookie on the Christmas spread. These things only come up once a year so enjoy! Listen to how your body feels while you’re eating. If you begin feeling full, listen to that cue, if you still feel hungry, find something that feels satisfying! Once these cravings are satisfied you will be able to stop thinking about them and move on rather than fixating on something that you limited yourself on. (This philosophy comes from the Intuitive Eating Model. To learn more check out Kourtney Johnson at Intuitively Nourished.)

3. Find activity that feels good!

We may be traveling more for holidays this year and that means less access to our gym routine but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out for a walk or enjoy some yoga at home. The holidays and change in routine allows us to try new things. It can be fun to try new activities with relatives that you’re visiting or who come from out of town. Lastly, I don’t even like to bring up the dreaded s-word “snow” but it does bring fun winter activities such as skiing and sledding! These can be fun with the family between workouts during the holidays! Find what feels good and do that!

4. Get your strength workouts in when you can!

Lastly, and most importantly, make time for your normal strength workouts when you can. It is easy to get out of your routine and then lose track of your schedule. It’s important to still make the time for your regular strength training workouts! Our whole philosophy is designed around finding the minimum amount of movement required to produce results. 1-2 45 minute sessions per week is very sustainable, even during crazy schedules to keep your body moving, preventing winter injuries and spiking endorphins during the long, cold winter months.

We are here for you and want you to make the most of this holiday season while making the most of your fitness routine! If you want to learn more, ask at your next session or schedule a free introductory session!

Written By: Morgan Maule