I don’t know how many of you read Morgan’s blog about goal setting, but as I was reading it I kept feeling more and more stressed out.  There is not a single part of me that feels comfortable thinking about what I want to accomplish in a month, much less… one year!

What Makes Me Different Than Morgan?

Morgan is a stereotypically “type A” person.  She needs a plan to survive, and she feeds off of planning and order.  I, on the other hand, am on the opposite end of the spectrum.  As a “type B” person, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants.  I take things as they come at me, and I feel most comfortable that way.

So, How Do I Ever Accomplish Anything?

  • Accountability outside of myself
    • Fitness, school, and work have always been places where my lack of goal setting and planning have always stood out.  I have learned in these situations that I need someone else to hold me accountable, or that I need to make a mistake for myself to change something I am doing wrong.  It seemed like every semester in college I would get a terrible grade on my first test of my hardest class.  Every time this would happen I would dedicate myself to my reading, homework, and studying.  I found groups of people in those classes that studied and worked on homework together and these tasks became more of a priority to me.
  • Motivating others motivates me
    • I also thrive when my goals don’t revolve around me.  My passion for helping other people has pushed me more than any goal I have ever set for myself.  When I help other people study or get in shape it motivates me to study more, and being in shape myself motivates others to get in shape.  Nobody wants to study with someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and nobody wants a trainer who is out of shape!
  • Curiosity
    • The last way I find myself motivated is due to my innate curiosity.  I have a desire to know as much about things I am passionate about as I can.  Mountain biking is a hobby I recently picked up.  The reason I have been able to stick to my plan of riding at least once a week, even in the snow and frigid temperatures, is my desire to learn about it.  I want to know all the fine details about bike setup, technique on the bike, and components to put on my bike because I knew nothing going into it.  It is for this same reason that I dove head first into classes about nutrition, exercise programming, and chronic disease classes while in college.

How My Lack of Planning Pans Out

Everyone is motivated to accomplish things in different ways.  Maybe Morgan’s blog is your ticket to success! It is also possible, however, that reading it left you feeling unproductive and lost like me.  Find what works for you!  Maybe you need a support system to keep you accountable.  It is also possible that you just need to find something new to peak your interest and motivate you.  If you need accountability, or if you are curious about fitness, Titanium Performance might be the place for you.  We love teaching people about what we do, and we happen to be great motivators! Let us help kickstart your fitness goals this year!

Written by Timothy Jerabek