People start strength training for a variety of reasons and many start because they are preparing for a specific event. Events range from endurance races to hiking, backpacking or hunting trips but what about preparing for unexpected physical events? What about being strong for life? Activities like carrying your kids or your groceries feel easier if you are stronger. The stronger you are, the less likely you are to experience an injury during these every day tasks. 

I recently moved from an apartment to a house. My boyfriend and I completed the entire move by ourselves. From moving the big furniture like couches, tables and a bed, to getting down on my hands and knees cleaning the floors for a move out inspection, I did it all. The amazing part: I felt great!

Strength trainingWe planned to move this summer but it wasn’t something that I would have started a strength training routine to prepare myself for. Luckily I have been strength training and WOW. I spent hours packing boxes, lugging them down a set of stairs, heaved them into the moving truck, pulled them off the truck and found a spot for them at the new house then repeated this approximately 162 times. We also moved couches, a bed, a dresser and other miscellaneous heavy objects. The day immediately following the major moving day my body felt a little sore and tired. By day 3, my body felt completely recovered! Considering the physical labor I put in over multiple days to move and clean I was shocked. I wholeheartedly believe that my strength training prevented injuries and helped me recover faster. 

My point in sharing this story is that you never know what might pop up in your life that you need to be strong for. Research shows that strength training reduces the risk of injury so why not strength train for life? Why shouldn’t picking up your kids be easier? Why should you think twice about lifting the heavy box in your basement?

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Written by Morgan Maule