We all want our friends and families to be healthy and live longer, but it is so hard to get them to make healthier choices!  That is where most of us go wrong.  We will never convince someone that they should be healthier by dragging them to the gym with us.  Unfortunately, as humans we have this need to make a decision for ourselves.  With this in mind, how do we get someone to make that choice?

It comes down to talking about what we are doing.  I always talk about and show pictures of my biking excursions.  Because of this, my brother finally agreed to get a bike to get into the hobby!  The most successful referrals we have gotten are from people who talk about what the workouts have done for them.  Doing this allows people to make the decision to come on their own.  Nothing turns someone away as quickly as telling them what they need.

Dieting, exercise, and other activities all work the same way.  Eating healthier is a choice.  You might be able to convince someone to do a month long challenge with you, but the chances that they fall off after that month are very high.  Do the challenge and talk about how much it changed the way you see food.  Talk about the challenge before you start or after you finish it and gauge interest from there.  Tell your friends about how great your trainer is *wink* and let them come to us when they are ready. Explain how much you’ve enjoyed going on hikes on the weekends to clear your mind.  Show your sibling a video from your last bike ride.

If you or anyone you know shows interest in making a change, please reach out to Titanium Performance!

Written by Timothy Jerabek