Just Google it?

Have you tried looking up fitness information on google or opened a magazine and said “I want to look like that so I will do what this celebrity is doing?”  Many of us have, myself included.  About 8 years ago, before I began strength training with a focus in High Intensity Training I would look to google or magazines to find what was the most up to date and best workout to grow my arms or get abs for example.  The fact is, we don’t know what we don’t know.  With that said, I will caution you to these ad gimmicks and advise you to do actual research. A good way to research is dive in and do as many trial workouts as you can to find what fits your needs best.

Finding the right workout for you

There is so much fitness misinformation out there, why does it continue?   We feed the machine and want the results now.  If you have done any muscle magazine workouts, when did you succeed to meet the promised end result?  I know that I never did, no matter how hard I worked or how perfect I ate.  Don’t get me wrong, I did achieve certain results, but not what was promised in the headline. Here are a few reasons the majority of us cannot meet these promised goals.

  • Genetics – This is science, not an excuse.  You can lift heavy or do a “body building” split and your results will begin to slow due to something called the genetic ceiling.  The closer we get to our genetic ceiling, the slower our results will be.  The key here is to stay focused and be consistent with your training, work hard and slowly make progression in your workouts. The progression is still there.  Our genetic makeup determines how large our muscles can get, how fast we will be, how strong we can get, etc.
  • Consistency and Focus – Most of us lack the patience to put the actual amount of time in to reach our goals.  I know I need to remind myself that it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s much easier to get up and go to the gym when we believe we will see the end result in a month versus hearing that it will take years of continuous hard work and discipline.  A focus point here is setting progress goals, track your workouts and as you achieve one goal, set another.  This will help set the tone mentally to keep your focus on point.
  • Realistic Goal Development – This encompasses both previous points.  Seeing a professional who understands your genetic potential is recommended and will lead you to being the best version of yourself.  This helps set realistic goals and allows the feeling of success rather than constant failure.  Another fact is that you are busy, it’s nearly impossible to get to the gym 6 times per week and meal prep every single day (unless it’s a part of your profession).  We understand this and help adapt goals and expectations to meet your daily schedule.

All in all, the best thing you can do is do your research through finding a couple of professionals in your area and perform a trial session to find the right fit for you.  At Titanium Performance, we understand some people will want a different style of workout and never pressure a potential client into choosing us.  Building a positive and supportive relationship with your training professional is extremely important in your fitness journey.

If you have questions or would like to set up a time to talk about your goals in a Free Introductory Session please contact us!