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Single Limb Training

We have been asked questions about muscle imbalances a lot lately.  I will highlight a specific example, but keep in mind this protocol should be applied to all muscular imbalances/injuries.

A client saw his doctor and was recommended to a physical therapist who diagnosed him with one glute being weaker than the other.  He was given exercises to help strengthen that glute on top of the strength training he performs with us at Titanium Performance.

When he arrived a few weeks back, he updated us with his diagnosis and we developed a plan to help correct the issues he was having.  Our program shifted slightly to a more glute and posterior chain focused workout.

The other day, we were performing single leg leg press, one set to fatigue with each leg.  Afterward, he asked why we would continue to train the stronger leg since the other leg needs to catch up in strength.

Here is why.

If we were to stop training the leg that is stronger, we would cause it to atrophy over time since the demand for the muscle tissue is no longer consistent.  Within weeks this leg would lose the structural integrity you have created through strength training.  This would lead to a higher risk of injury in that area as well as dysfunction in common tasks such as walking and running for example.  Another point is that as soon as this musculature is worked again, it would get stronger faster and achieve an imbalance once again.

The safest approach is to strengthen both legs and increase the structural integrity to lower the risk of injury and slowly work to create a balance between each leg musculature.

Have a muscular imbalance or injury you would like us to help with?  Contact us and we would love to help!