How many times have you scrolled through your Facebook or Instagram and see that same person posting about how they went to the gym…AGAIN. You think to yourself that it must be nice that they enjoy going to the gym as much as they do. If only going to the gym was that easy for you, am I right? The reality is, that person posting their workouts made going to the gym a PRIORITY. Strength training on a regular basis is NOT easy. If you think the gym rat posting about their gym sesh genuinely enjoys pushing their limits you’re wrong. That person enjoys the FEELING after they are done at the gym. In addition to the feeling, he or she understands the benefits of exercise, and that holds them accountable.

Strength TrainingExercise is NOT easy

Let me rephrase that. Exercise performed properly and pushed to the point required to benefit is not easy. Sure, you can go to the gym and lift some weights or jump on the treadmill for a quick jog and feel like you did something, but what is the point of going through the motions? If you are not pushing yourself to be better, aren’t you going backwards? This applies to exercise no matter what the style. Your body will only adapt and grow stronger if you push your body to a safe point that it hasn’t been before.  If you stop short you performed a movement, but you did NOT make the most of your strength training session.

How to Make Exercise Easier

Many personal training clients hire a trainer for the accountability. You don’t want to skip a workout that you already paid for, and someone is waiting for you at a specific time. Not only will your trainer make sure you show up, but your trainer will also push you more than you would have pushed yourself. Your trainer should make sure that you are performing the movements with perfect form and push you to YOUR limits. At Titanium Performance, we strength train one set to muscular failure. Our goal rep range is usually 8-12 reps. This means if I set the weight for a client to get 12 reps they could easily move through the first 6-8 reps with little to no difficulty. The real work happens during those last 4-6 repetitions. Our philosophy allows clients to workout in a safe and efficient manner. Every session is personalized for that client on that particular day.

To put it briefly, YOU are the only one responsible for YOUR health. When will you make it a priority?

Written by Morgan Maule

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