In the US, over 80% of people experience chronic low back pain. Why is the percentage so high? In a culture so focused on “core” strength, how can this be possible? The reason is for most we associate “core” with our abdominal muscles. As important as it is to have strong abdominals, we forget about our low back musculature. The ultimate goal should be to acquire a balance of strength between the abdominals and lower back musculature.

Let’s look at a few activities that drastically affect the low back: Are you doing any of the following?

  • Fast or jerky twisting or lifting movements
  • Lifting with a rounded back
  • Performing heavy back squats or deadlifts which vertically compress the spine
    • These movements are great exercises to perform but without performing some sort of lower back strength training, you are at a much greater risk for injury.  The lower back musculature is smaller and overall weaker than the leg muscles and will always fatigue first.  More will be posted on the proper technique to perform each of these exercises in coming posts.
  • Hyper extending the spine

These are only a few movements that can lead to and injury resulting in chronic low back pain.

So what is the answer to chronic low back pain?

Surgery?  Not in most cases.  At Titanium Performance, we focus on a properly designed strength training routine to help you strengthen your posterior chain as well as your back musculature which in turn alleviates chronic pain.  We do so through the use of the Medx Core Lumbar Spine machine which places focus on muscle tissue other machines are unable to recruit.

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