In the past month have you felt too busy to do anything, but still came in for your workout because you knew it would make you feel better? Or was exercise your last thought and someone in your life encouraged you to go to your appointment? These are examples of internal and external accountability, both of which can be interchangeable and cohesive with one another. Let’s talk about accountability and how it can help with our goals as well as manage stress.

Internal Accountability

Beginning with internal accountability, try to think of a few motives that keeps yourself accountable to your commitments. These motives are being put on oneself and not by others which can have a larger impact on your success. For example, “I keep my body healthy by exercising because I enjoy how I feel post-workout”. This type of accountability promotes self-efficacy by internally accomplishing a goal for one’s own self benefit.

External Accountability

We can think of external accountability as social support that helps us in a positive way. In contrast with internal accountability this type relies on others for support. Examples include sharing your goals with others or having a support group to lean on. Try not to think of this in a negative sense by putting excess pressure on someone who is looking for uplifting support from a friend. Sometimes it is hard to reach out to others in a time of need, but doing so can help you succeed.

Helpful Strategies

Whether you are looking to increase internal or external accountability or both, here is a list of ways that help:

  • Think of a few reasons why you exercise and keep these in mind to help you for your next workout.
  • Buy new workout attire. As silly as this seems, buying new clothes can keep you accountable and committed to using them.
  • If you haven’t already, bring a friend to your next session. Having someone else to support you before, during, and after your workout can be very beneficial.
  • Write down your goals that you want to achieve within the next 6-12 months and keep them in a place that you can see them regularly.
  • Scheduling a monthly meeting with a friend to talk about progress you made towards your goals.

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Written by: Matt Lerch