personal training, NE MinneapolisI have been back to work for about a week now after the COVID-19 shut down and even though the world is still changing, I can assure you of one thing: I love my job! Why write this blog? First, I’m an extrovert who didn’t see people for three months and will talk at anyone who will listen. Second, there are a million trainers and online workouts out there, especially now but many don’t share the same passion and knowledge that I and the Titanium Performance team share. Tyler worked hard to build up his collection of quality machines to open a studio space that would meet the needs of our clients. The equipment we use combined with our expertise and knowledge provides a unique experience for clients. You won’t get our service anywhere else. I am committed to giving my clients the best experience and in return they are committed to Titanium Performance which leads me to why I love my job. Since the COVID-19 shutdown was such a weird time I wanted to share my experience with others in hopes that other people will relate or even one person…

The Shutdown

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our world. We transitioned from traveling, spending time with family and friends at restaurants, giving hugs and much more to staying home as much as possible, becoming experts at zoom meetings and washing our hands and wearing masks in all social settings. Like most people, my in-person training job was stripped away. As a small business we had to change our services quickly to serve our clients and keep the business running. We took about a week to transition to an online platform where we personalized workouts for people in their homes with the equipment they had on hand. 

During that week at home where I wasn’t interacting with my clients I felt lost. It didn’t feel like vacation because it wasn’t my choice to not work. Unlike some people, I love my job and going to work every single day. I didn’t know what to do with my free time. I am a very structured person so just being in limbo made me feel uneasy and I lost a lot of sleep. 

Finally, after a week off I had my first virtual session and I felt alive again. I ended up training about one-third of my pre-COVID schedule online and it felt good. Training gave me something to look forward to each day and put my skills to use, but I still had a lot of free time to fill. After a few weeks of developing my new routine I filled my days with walks with my dog, bike rides, rollerblading, cooking and baking new recipes, reading, checking in with clients and a lot of personal development and education. All of these things tend to get put on the back burner because I always put training my clients first. This unexpected time was perfect to shift my focus and continue to better myself!

But my days still felt empty. I was so thankful to train even one person a day. I missed my busy days going from client to client and interacting with every single one of them. My clients mean so much to me and it killed me not being able to help a majority of them! On top of not training, the shutdown kept extending for gyms and it felt like a never-ending cycle. Then one Friday the governor unexpectedly announced we could open the following Wednesday.

Back to Work!

Since transitioning back to in-person workouts for most of our clients we have put our clients safety first. We have introduced new cleaning protocols, wearing masks, keeping the doors open for fresh air and minimizing how many clients are in the studio at a time. Even though these have added some complexity to our work day it is worth it to see our beloved clients in person. Our core values are centered around giving our clients the best possible experience. After returning to in-person training we are more sure than ever that training is best done in-person. We are still committed to offering the best virtual experience possible for clients who are at-risk or distanced from Titanium Performance for a second-best experience. 

Outside of the high quality equipment we use, in person training allows us to really connect with our clients. The connection is an important element of our training experience and what separates us from other trainers! We develop relationships with clients to personalize each session for each individual client to maximize their results. This 45 minutes or 1.5 hours a week is our clients time for themselves. It is their mental and physical break from work, family, stress, etc. As much as our clients need this time, I look forward to spending the time with them too! I genuinely missed the people I saw every week and then didn’t see for 3 months. Seeing all of my clients for the first time in-person gave me an energy I didn’t realize I had been missing for the last 3 months. That’s when I knew…I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing! I love my job!

Written By: Morgan Maule

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