Each year the media uses the holidays as a marketing ploy and this isn’t any surprise to anyone. After years and years we have this engrained guilt of eating a large meal at Thanksgiving, eating sweet treats up until Christmas and attending Holiday events with drinks. But do we really need to feel guilty? The media engrains in us we should feel guilty in order to then sell “healthy” foods and crazy workout programs. I know what you’re thinking, “a personal trainer saying we shouldn’t be fooled by marketing to change our eating and join a gym?” YES. At Titanium Performance, we believe in balance and sustainability. I DO believe that everyone should strength train consistently year round. I also believe that it is important to fuel your body with food that makes you feel good. That might be a salad or it might be that holiday treat you have been craving. Both exercise and eating should come from a place of wanting to feel good NOT guilt.

What can you do during the holidays?

So if you aren’t buying into a marketing scheme what should you do? Find a program that you can sustain throughout the year! We recommend 1-2 full body strength training sessions per week plus finding time to move every day. This is what research shows you need for the health benefits advertised from exercise. Moving every day can have different meanings to different people. At minimum, find ways to get up and walk around your house every hour or go for a walk, try yoga, dance, really anything that brings your heart rate up. Find an activity you enjoy and stick with it or mix it up throughout the week. Exercise and movement increases your heart rate which releases endorphins to improve your mood and decreases cortisol levels (stress hormone).

The bottom line: Moving during the holidays can help you feel better and reduce guilt!

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Written By: Morgan Maule